How this slack-bot can save you 1200 EUR monthly of productivity time in a 10-member team

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Have you ever been to an unproductive meeting?

One of the biggest trends of the post-corona world is that more and more companies are switching to Writing Culture & Fully Async mode. It mainly applies for remote teams but for semi-distributed & hybrid teams too – when the whole team is from the same country or even from the same town, but half of the team works from an office space and the other half works from home office.

Have you ever been to an unproductive meeting?
Have you ever been to an unproductive meeting?

We found that many of these teams are using Zoom or Hangouts calls everyday, something team members hate, because:

So many teams work in the following modes:

Every Monday – 1 hour Monday Kick-Off video call
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 30 minutes of Daily Standup Calls

But this article is about how Teambeo can save you 1200 EUR per month, so let’s calculate it:
The first mode means for each team-member to spend 12 hours monthly on video calls. For a 10-person team that is 120 billing hours, and every one of them has a base rate of 20 EUR, that makes it 2400 EUR worth of productive time spent on video calls.

This is our recommended cost-effective best practice methodology of productive workflows for remote, hybrid, and distributed teams.

Monday Kick Off 9:00 – People will fill out text updates before the live video call via Slack
Monday Kick Off 9:30 – the short Zoom call can start, but it should only take 30 minutes, not 1 hour – because all the team members will have text updates in the shared channel and not everything needs to be discussed in detail, only highlights and themes with the biggest added value

Daily Standup every other day 9:00 (tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday)
People will fill out text updates before the live video call via Slack
Daily Standup Video Call 9:30 can start, but only for 15 minutes, not 30 or 1 hour.

Teambeo can collect this text data in your favourite Slack environment and post it to a special channel, so everyone can see it before the call starts. One of the benefits is that when there is a topic which is suitable for only 2 people, they can start a slack thread and not bother the others by using their time during the video call.

Teambeo helps you easily set up and automate these texting workflows in your slack, by helping you switch to the more productive and cost-effective Writing Culture and asynchronous mode in your team.

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