What should be included in modern Team eXperience™ framework

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Every day around the world there are more and more teams working remotely. They adopted tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts, but none of these tools are focused on frequent collection valuable qualitative and quantitave data about the teams, for their teamleader. These new times require new framework how teams can operate remotely with maximum potential, satisfaction and productivity.

Maximum potential, satisfaction and productivity could be reachable by:

  1. Measuring hard KPIs — attached to business performance and productivity
  2. Measuring soft KPIs — attached to team satisfaction and mood
  3. Jokes, fun and positivity with modern UX and beautiful design in tools they use

In our tool Teambeo you can use our individual templates for Daily Standup, Weekly Retrospective, Monthly Pulse-Checks or you can combine it and customize it to your actual needs, for example this way:  https://feedbacker.sk/weekly_kpi_update

That’s why we have created this Team eXperience framework & methodology about what to ask your team every day or every week based on the type of your company and team dynamics.

Fast-moving companies like start-ups and scale-ups should use this on a daily basis, while for other companies is ok when they use it on a weekly basis.

We are writing this blog because we want to become a thought leader about this topic and we want to create and define new software cathegory Team eXperience software. Something like decacorn UI Path created and defined RPA cathegory.

We are first who is using this term Team eXperience. -> still 0 results about exact term Team eXperience software , on Google Search.

Team eXperience is nowadays niche software cathegory which will be rapidly growing and will stand between CX a EX robust platforms. Team members are internal Customers of the company and they are also its Employees.

The difference is about the end user. While casual employee experience platform the buyer is HR Director, the end user of Team eXperience platform is teamleader and can be distributed in the company via individual teams using the trend #ConsumerizationOfEnterprises. -> no procurement process, simple digital onboarding or self-serviced, freemium model.

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