Remote work – the new normal

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disruptor in how companies usually conduct business. In order to keep operations running as smoothly as possible without jeopardizing the health and lives of their employees, many companies decided to shift to remote work. 

Remote work by default

And it seems that this change is not going anywhere anytime soon. Tech giants like Twitter and Google already announced that their employees can work remotely until at least the end of the year or indefinitely. As long as they are inspired and feel good, they can work from anywhere.  

Strategy Analytics recently published a study surveying more than 5,000 consumers across the US, Germany, the UK and China, which says that employees pretty much share that sentiment. In the study titled “Working From Home Before and After the Pandemic” 80-90% of respondents who have been working from home during the pandemic said they liked doing it. 

Communication starts to suffer

Employees from the US, the UK and Germany were mainly worried about insufficient communication with their colleagues and being isolated. Understandable, since depending on where you work projects may have multiple stakeholders and a lot of moving parts, which means that people are dependent on each other’s performance. And lets not forget about the fact that humans are social creatures, so social interactions improve your spirit and mood and even your work performance. 

Are offices things of the past?

David Mercer, VP and Principal Analyst, said: “All the evidence suggests that, in spite of all the challenges posed by the pandemic, many employees have discovered that home working offers significant quality of life improvements and are keen not to lose those benefits as economies emerge from the crisis.”

Arleen Denque, VP, Consumer Insights Practice, added: “Employers need to understand the impact of widespread home working on their established business practices, and brands also need to identify the challenges and opportunities presented by these substantial changes in work environments and lifestyles.”

Closing remarks

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